Meet Our Team of Videographers

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We’re constantly dreaming of ways to improve our production values while keeping our price points approachable. One of our methods — working with a collaborative team of freelance videographers alongside a small staff. Hiring salary employees would require us to keep them busy (or raise prices). We’d also inevitably end up taking on video projects outside our niche (lowering overall quality). Working with freelance videographers gives us the benefit of flexibility. We only take on projects that are a great fit and hire out specialized videographers who share a common vision.

It’s also important that we work well as a collaborative team. We keep our freelance list small so that we work together often. Our big idea: offer the consistency and camaraderie of a salaried staff, with the flexibility and freedom of a freelancer. It’s a win for us, our freelance staff, and our clients.

Learn more about how this all works.

  • Craig Spinks
    Craig SpinksProducer | Editor | Storyteller

    Craig started Quadrid Productions when he was just nineteen years old. Quadrid ran off passion and luck for fourteen years before Craig decided to grow it into a viable business. Relaunching in 2013, Craig aimed to serve businesses that were passionate about their craft. Craig lives in the West Highlands area of Denver with his wife Sara, their daughter Ridley (named after Ridley Scott), and dog Quen (named after Quentin Tarantino).

  • Tara Bielecki
    Tara BieleckiProject Manager

    Tara loves organizational detail and is also well-versed in photography — a perfect combination of talents for her role at Quadrid! Originally from Flagstaff, Arizona, Tara and her husband, Michael, moved to Denver in 2013, joining our team in 2014. She loves discovering new restaurants, sipping local beers and spending time in the mountains.

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