Video Production for Businesses Passionate About their Craft

We make emotional connections.

The power of video is in its ability to create a deep emotional connection between the content and the viewer. This makes video the best way to effectively showcase the work you’re so passionate about on the web.

We strive to create videos that connect with your potential consumers on a deep emotional level, because purchase decisions are emotional decisions.

Passion fuels

our creativity.

We make videos for business owners with multiple bottom lines. These are people who want to grow their business and are even more passionate about their craft.

We are also passionate about our craft — discovering what’s most captivating about your work and capturing it in a video.

Here are a few businesses we’re passionate about . . .

We make the process simple.


Some clients have a clear idea of what they want — most don’t. We will walk you through our “discovery process,” which will bring to the surface the essence of what you do in innovative and genuine ways. Then we will come up with an approach that best accomplishes your goals while staying within your budget.


After meeting with you, we will send a proposal within a week. Our projects are fixed rate, meaning there won’t be any surprise charges at the end. We require a 50% deposit and a signed Services Agreement prior to booking the shoot. The remaining balance is due upon project completion.


As we prepare for the shoot, we’ll send a schedule, things to think about (especially if there are interviews), and anything else you and your organization may need to be prepared. When the cameras start rolling, you’ll be surprised by how easy and low-key a video shoot can be.


Before the shoot, we’re all about details. On shoot day, we’re all about authenticity. We work hard to make everyone comfortable in order to capture natural moments.


We like to include our clients in the editing process. This usually includes two rounds of review — one at about 80% completion and a second just before final wrap-up. This gives you chance to make content changes without getting too bogged down by the details.


With our standard production schedule, we deliver a completed project five weeks after the shoot date, but we’ve also delivered projects sooner — it just depends on your project’s specific needs. We deliver the finished product in a variety of formats and include a document that will help you upload and promote your video.

We make brand videos affordable.

Blockbuster Film


We dream freely at this price point, telling the full story of your brand in a way that maximizes viewer engagement.

Multiple Shoot-DaysTypically a two-day shoot with multiple crew
Premium Equipment Perhaps some fancy lenses, 4k camera or drone footage
Extended EditingPerhaps stylized color grading, audio mastering or premium stock music

Indie Film


This is our most popular level. It provides a great balance between high-end production and approachable budget — getting you a lot of bang for your buck and a little more control over messaging.

One to Two Shoot-DaysOne day with multiple crew or two days with single crew
Standard Equipment HD camera, full audio/lighting kits, Glidecam, slider, GoPro, etc.
Full Editing ProcessMultiple review stages, fine tuned color and audio

Budget Film


This simple approach works great for businesses with limited budgets. We’ll shoot footage of you and your business then we’ll put together a video that captures what you’re all about.

Half-Day Shoot5 hours max with base equipment
Base EquipmentHD camera and standard audio/lighting kits
Streamlined EditingOne full editing day, which is plenty for most footage shot in half-a-day

Let’s make something together!

Let us buy you a beer . . .